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The Manufactured Housing Industry

The Manufactured Housing Industry

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If the pandemic taught us one thing, it is to be adaptable and flexible to change. As far as we know, there is no playbook for dealing with the aftermath of a pandemic. However, the progress the manufactured housing industry has made is certainly positive, and one to be proud of.

Despite all the unknown territory we have all navigated together, the pandemic has undeniably changed our business/industry, many of these changes will continue long after the pandemic is behind us.

In an article posted by MHInsider, these are just a few of the changes our industry has seen...

Consumer Expectations Have Changed
In the midst of the pandemic, physical showings became virtual tours and walk-ins became scheduled video calls, it was a time for 'figuring it out.' It was a pivotal time for website updates and advancements, and a focus on online marketing (some for the first time ever). Even as the pandemic subsides,
these changes are here to stay, they are no longer an option, but as a 
consumer they are now expected.

Concept of Home Has Changed
Kitchen tables became classrooms, bedrooms became offices, and dining areas turned into at-home gyms. The concept of home has changed, home is security and comfort. What consumers want in a home has evolved, they want more space, functionality and outdoor living space.

Interest in Manufactured Housing Has Increased
As site-built housing inventory continues to remain low, and residential prices at an all time high, the pandemic continues to push the boundaries of affordability. Now that the manufactured housing industry is on the minds of many, as an industry we need to continue to educate and promote the many benefits of manufactured housing.

The Cost of Doing Business Has Changed
We have all heard the saying, "what goes up, must come down..." sadly, that is not always the case. At least not as quickly as anyone would like. Everything has gotten more expensive since the beginning of the pandemic - materials, fright, services, labor, the list goes on.

Sure, the way we do business may have changed, but what has not changed are our efforts to continue to provide safe and affordable homes for Americans to live out the American Dream.

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