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We Need Your Help On HB 242

We Need Your Help On HB 242

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A bill increasing the height of homes allowed to be transported up to 15' under the annual permit.

HB 242, introduced by Representative Ken Upchurch and Representative Sal Santoro on behalf of KMHI will be heard by the Transportation Committee on Tuesday, January 28th at 12:00 pm. I have included talking points for this bill that will explain what it will do.  We have several KMHI Board members who will be testifying on behalf of the bill. The members of the Transportation Committee are:
Republicans                                        District             Counties in District
Ken Upchurch (Chair) (R) District 52 McCreary, Pulasky (Part), Wayne
Randy Bridges (Vice Chair) (R) District 3 McCraken (Part)
Chris Fugate (R) District 84 Harlan (Part), Perry
Robert Goforth (R) District 89 Jackson, Laurel (Part), Madison (Part)
David Hale (R) District 74 Menifee, Montgomery, Powell
Samara Heavrin (R) District 18 Grayson, Hardin (Part)
Regina Huff (R) District 82 Laurel (Part), Whitley
Thomas Huff (R) District 49 Bullitt (Part)
Derek Lewis (R) District 90 Clay, Laurel (Part), Leslie
Savannah Maddox (R) District 61 Boone (Part), Grant, Kenton (Part), Scott (Part)
Bobby McCool (R) District 97 Johnson, Morgan, Wolf
Sal Santoro (R) District 60 Boone (Part)
Jim Stewart III (R) District 86 Knox, Laurel (Part)
Walker Thomas (R) District 8 Christian (Part), Trigg (Part)
Tommy Turner (R) District 85 Laurel (Part), Pulaski (Part)

Terri Branham Clark (D) District 100 Boyd (Part)
Al Gentry (D) District 46 Jefferson (Part)
Chris Harris (D) District 93 Martin, Pike (Part)
Kathy Hinkle (D) District 96 Carter, Lawrence
Russ A. Meyer (D) District 39 Fayette (Part), Jessamine (Part)
Charles Miller (D) District 28 Jefferson (Part)
Rick Rand (D) District 47 Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Trimble
Maria Sorolis (D) District 48 Jefferson (Part), Oldham (Part)
Cherlynn Stevenson (D) District 88 Fayette (Part)
Ashley Tackett Laferty (D)                      District 95         Floyd, Pike (Part)
How To Call:
While you’re talking to them, let them know how important HB 242 is to citizens and businesses in Kentucky.  If you have an example, give them an example of how frustrating the Bentley (route planning) System is.  Use the included talking points to help you with your message and/or conversation.

FAX  NUMBERS:  502-564-6543 (Annex): 502-223-5094 (Capitol)  
TO LEAVE MESSAGE AT THE CAPITOL:  800-372-7181 (Leave a very detailed message with your name and address.) These calls produce “green slips” which are very important in letting the Legislators know we care about this issue!

If you wish to email your representative, go to and click on “Who’s My Legislator?”  Once you type your address at the top of the page, it will find your district.  Click BESIDE the pointer and it will give you your legislators.  Then just click on the bio, then email address and send them the email with talking points.  You can also click on the name of your legislator above.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.  You can reach Betty on her cell at 502-330-5060 or Logan on his cell at 270-556-3183. This is their cell phone and they may be tied up talking to legislators.  If they don’t answer, leave me a message and they'll return the call. Thank you so much for your support.

Additional Info

Media Contact : Logan Hanes

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